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Suzhou, China is the birthplace of oakley prescription sunglasses in China, Suzhou manufactures glasses not only has a long history, but also to the development of China's optical industry played a very important role in promoting. Stress in the early frames of the Ming dynasty (1628), history of Suzhou glasses up the Hill is now an outstanding technician named Sun Yun ball, Wen Yu, Zi SI bin, Wujiang city, their country of origin. He was eager to learn, people are seeing inadequate eyesight and when he is in pain, but "photos" and another inconvenient and mirrors and the like. So he carefully developed a lens that can be used on the eyes. He after repeated tests, principle invention a lens grinding machine of using mechanical-hand in the Rig Veda. Holding this Rig Veda, is known as the classical method of water of Orange, is foot turned, with ore sand, white mud, brick dust and other abrasives or polishing materials, ground into a convex-concave lenses lenses in order to meet the needs of refractive and finally mastered the "pads" technology. Natural Crystal grinding lenses. He also mastered the "light" (now known as refractometry) technology, according to the vision of people of different ages and varieties developed presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia, and luminosity of the lens, and the establishment of a "mirror" original optometry method. To enjoy border inspection. So that you can with glasses, the effect is no less, worn on the face are more convenient and comfortable, to fit the needs of each vision, this is our main awareness optometry service for one of the beginning.